Health for Men

People talk about how the debate on cable news and talk radio is dominating the airwaves. Katie Couric, who supposedly is an abject failure with her evening newscast, has more viewers than O’Reilly, Olbermann and whatever’s on CNN at that time, combined. True.

Granted, people like me are too busy paying their bills (many of them health care bills) to spend money on a candidate for Congress. It should not matter, but it does. If health care reform fails, it will be proof positive that corporate interests have seized political power in this country. They will have succeeded in turning economic power into political power, and Americans can consider themselves slaves, because that is essentially what they will be.

As a political advisor, and writer, I find myself scouring the Internet on a regular basis for articles and information that I deal with current political issues. From time to time, I will find one that will cause me to slap my head with frustration. Usually, these articles tend to have a title like, “President Bush is a Lizard Man in Disguise.” In this case, this article, which is meant to guide immigrants to this country, gives a horribly misleading picture of what has happened.

It’s like magazine subscriptions. If you’re conservative, you read the national Review or American Spectator. If you’re liberal, you read the nation or Mother Jones.

The federal government sat around with its thumb up its ass as the world’s greatest economic collapse since the Great Depression happened all around it. The response of the federal government once they did decide to act was to give trillions of dollars of tax money to the very people whose insane speculative investments had caused the collapse. You want more of that-in your health care?

Many of you will look upon me as somebody who is “taking advantage” of our system. Many of you will have the unfortunate mindset that if I am are getting something for free, I must be taking it directly from you. Please be assured that I paid into the system for years and that I too wish I had made a decent income all these years. Sadly, I did not.

In the past decade I’ve gotten five new grandchildren and lost my father. I’ve closed a business and started a new job I like most of the time. Tried to move up the ladder but may try checking into new adventures. Many changes and mostly good.

Sadly, in America these days, most people watch whatever or listen to whatever because it conforms to a political opinion they already have. These shows aren’t changing much of anything.