Lets Discuss Tax Reform Before Health Care Reform Please

I’m just saying we have to look deeper. But if you want to see where a 22-year-old is getting his ideas, you look to the internet, not cable tv or Rush Limbaugh.

First and foremost they were taking bribes from all the huge mega corporations. The corporations didn’t want workers they wanted slaves they could mistreat, pay next to nothing wages for and pay no benefits to. In the millions of illegals crossing the border, the corporations got the cheap, slave labor they had long sought. All they had to do was to bribe presidents, congress and the senate to do it. The had to bribe a DEA and border security official now and then as well but for them it was well worth it.

From the outset of his speech, the sales man-in-chief went into full campaign mode, by immediately thanking Governor Tim Kaine, who just happens to be the chairman of the DNC, along with Congressmen Bobby Scott, Jim Moran and Gerry Connolly, for doing a great job. Then Obama started his sales pitch with doom and gloom. Have you heard this pitch before?

Overall, it looks like my family should save a few thousand dollars annually because of health care reform. This is a basic analysis, as there will be variations based on location and the final outcome of the Senate’s reconciliation. There are also more than a dozen lawsuits that have been filed by state attorneys general that could impact the final look of the reform package, although this is unlikely. As income levels increase, the amount people pay in premiums also increases. If I start working full time, and our combined income increases to more than 0,000 by 2014, we will not qualify for the premium subsidies, and will have to pay higher taxes.

Afterword: I am a woman undergoing treatment for an aggressive form of breast cancer who, thanks to the efforts of President Clinton and Rod Blogojevich, was able to avail myself of the programs that are currently working to save my life.

When Barack obama told us passing his 7 billion stimulus bill would ensure unemployment would never rise above 7.8% and that by 2010 the economy would employ 138.6 million jobs, he was either lying or recklessly uninformed. Nothing in the stimulus bill could guarantee that claim. Keynsian policies never have and never will create jobs but even if the policies did work, the claim was simply unsupportable. It was what is called an expedient lie. Like many we have heard over the past months.

That’s all we’re trying to accomplish here and we’re trying to do it in a way that over time reduces costs overall for families, whether you’re getting Medicare or you’re getting Medicaid or you’ve got private insurance through your employer or you’re a small business owner. That’s what we’re trying to accomplish.

But suddenly, in the midst of economic crises, formerly wealthy individuals discover that it’s not always a matter of preparation. Just because an individual attends college for four years doesn’t mean that a magic high-paying job awaits him upon graduation. And remaining faithful to one company doesn’t mean that 25 years of loyalty will matter.